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The intent of the Directory is to have a list of scientists who work in the US Antarctic Program (USAP). Currently the only list readily available is through the NSF Awards Database, and this listing is only of NSF principal investigators. There are many more scientists (e.g., students, post-docs, staff scientists, etc.), including those funded by other agencies, who are involved in USAP. The US Antarctic Scientists Directory compiled by US-SCAR will serve as a resource for new Antarctic proposers, will provide a means for people currently involved in USAP activities to find potential collaborators, will allow the general public to learn more about USAP activities and accomplishments, and provide a number of other benefits to the US Antarctic community.

To add your name to the Directory, please complete the Directory Registration Form.

If you have questions about the use and intent of the Directory, contact Deneb Karentz, US Delegate to SCAR. If at any time you need to make a correction to your listing or you would like to be deleted from the Directory, please use this form to request changes to your entry in the US Antarctic Scientists Directory.


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Name Position City State NSF Antarctic Program SCAR Science Group Affiliation Antarctic Research Location(s) Research Keywords
Weifeng Zhang Research Scientist Woods Hole Massachusetts Antarctic Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences Physical Sciences Group No fieldwork (all research conducted remotely) polynya circulation, biophysical interaction, ocean-ice shelf interaction
Yucheng Zhao Research Scientist Logan Utah Antarctic Astrophysics and Geospace Sciences Physical Sciences Group McMurdo Station, Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station mesosphere, gravity waves, dynamics
Daniel Zitterbart Associate Professor Woods Hole Massachusetts Antarctic Organisms and Ecosystems Life Sciences Group Other ecosystem, penguins, remote sensing