United States
Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

US Antarctic Science Meeting

12-15 July 2021

Online (Zoom) conference hosted by the
US Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (US-SCAR)

No registration fee
This meeting is supported by funding from NSF/Office of Polar Programs/Antarctic Sciences



US-SCAR is hosting a meeting for US scientists who are conducting research in, from or about Antarctica and the Southern Ocean. Scientists interested in getting involved in Antarctic research through US programs are also welcome and encouraged to attend. This conference is open to all US scientists and anyone interested in US Antarctic research. There is no registration fee.

The meeting will provide opportunities for US Antarctic scientists to get together and present their work, and for early career researchers and others new to Antarctic science to learn about SCAR and the various resources available to US scientists for Antarctic-related research. There will be a mix of Lightning Talks, panels and social activities for the US Antarctic Community to meet and interact.

The meeting and associated events will be on Zoom. The schedule (see below) is set for two hours each day (one hour science and one hour panel) with additional time added for socializing. The panels will have brief presentations by panelists, and most of the time will be devoted to questions and discussion.



Planned Schedule

Start time: 3 pm EDT, 2 pm CDT, 1 pm MDT, 12 pm PDT, 11 am AKDT, 9 am HST

July 12, Monday    
  12:00 pm PDT: Opening session: Overview of US-funded Antarctic science
  12:30 pm PDT: SCAR Panel - Meet the US-SCAR Team and hear how to get involved with SCAR at the international level
  1:30 pm PDT: Social activity
July 13, Tuesday    
  12:00 pm PDT: Science presentations*
  1:00 pm PDT: Panel - TBD
  2:00 pm PDT: Social activity
July 14, Wednesday    
  12:00 pm PDT: Science presentations*
  1:00 pm PDT: NSF Panel - Antarctic Sciences program managers
  2:00 pm PDT: Social activity
July 15, Thursday    
  12:00 pm PDT: Science presentations*
  1:00 pm PDT: GIS Methods and Resources Panel - Convener: Paul Morin, Director of the US Polar Geospatial Center
  2:00 pm PDT: Social activity

*5-minute Lightning Talks with questions at end of session, number of concurrent sessions will be determined by number of abstracts submitted

Lightning Talks

Anyone formally affiliated with a US institution, organization, agency, etc. can submit an abstract for a talk. The abstract submission deadline is June 21, 2020. Abstract should be <1300 characters.

To maximize interactions, provide ample time for questions and to keep the online format effective, talks will be pre-recorded and limited to five minutes, what is referred to as a “Lightning Talk”. There is much information about Lightning Talks available on the Internet, here are a few sources with explanations and tips: SSI, ST, BL.

Please see the instructions for details specific to the US Antarctic Science Meeting. You will only be allowed one abstract as a lead author, there is no limit as a co-author.

Since a five-minute talk means that you will have to skip over many details, you will have the option to provide a poster or a longer pre-recorded presentation (maximum 15 minutes) that will be posted online. Anyone interested in the details of your work will have the opportunity to learn more. Details on submitting a poster or longer version of your Lightning Talk will be provided to those who submit abstracts.