United States
Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research


At each SCAR Open Science Conference (OSC) the US-SCAR Team organizes a side meeting called SCAR101 that is required for NSF Travel Grant recipients and open to any others who would like to attend. The meeting is followed by a US "Meet-and-Greet" social event at a local restaurant/bar. SCAR101 is a brief overview of SCAR structure and activities, including information on how to get involved and news about US-SCAR. The US-SCAR team and some NSF Antarctic program managers attend.

Upcoming SCAR101 meetings will be listed on this page as they are planned and announced.


In advance of the virtual SCAR Business Meetings (July 27-29) and the SCAR Open Science Conference (August 1-10), US-SCAR will be holding short (one hour) Zoom sessions to provide overviews of SCAR activities for the Geosciences, Life Sciences, and Physical Sciences Groups.

These three Science Groups help to coordinate the international collaborations that are the hallmark of SCAR's work. These Science Groups oversee the three SCAR Scientific Research Programs: Near-term Variability and Prediction of the Antarctic Climate System (AntClimnow)Integrated Science to Inform Antarctic and Southern Ocean Conservation (Ant-ICON) and INStabilities and Thresholds in ANTarctica (INSTANT); and these Science Groups have a number of specialized subsidiary bodies that may be of interest to US scientists.

Whether you already know about SCAR or want to learn about SCAR, please join us for these informative sessions. There will be ample time provided for questions and discussion. Come learn how to get involved in SCAR.

Sessions will be led by the US representatives to the three Science Groups.

Session for Physical Sciences (includes atmospheric chemistry, climate and climate change, astronomy and astrophysics, ice sheet dynamics, sea-ice, ocean circulation, etc.)
Tuesday July 5 - 9:00 AM HST, 11:00 AM AKDT, 12:00 pm PDT, 1:00pm MDT, 2:00pm CDT, 3:00 PM EDT


Session for Geosciences
Thursday July 14 - 8:00 am HST, 10:00 am AKDT, 11:00 am PDT, 12:00 pm MDT, 1:00 pm CDT, 2:00 PM EST


Session for Life Sciences
Tuesday July 26 - 9:00 AM HST, 11:00 AM AKDT, 12:00 pm PDT, 1:00pm MDT, 2:00pm CDT, 3:00 PM EDT



  •  28 July 2020
  •  10:00-11:30am PDT
  •  via Zoom

Since we will not be meeting in person for the 2020 SCAR OSC in Hobart, US-SCAR is organizing a Zoom session for SCAR101 on July 28 (Tuesday) 10:00-11:30 am PDT. This meeting is open to all US Antarctic scientists, and early career researchers are especially encouraged to attend. Presentation time will be short to allow for questions. In addition to a general overview of SCAR, discipline-based breakout groups will be set up during the meeting.

We hope you will be able to join us. Please complete this short registration form to receive Zoom information. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Deneb Karentz (karentzd@usfca.edu), US Delegate to SCAR.