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Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

Conferences and Symposia

US-SCAR supports polar science within the U.S. and the international Antarctic scientific community by providing NSF travel awards for the attendance of US scientists, particularly early career researchers, at the SCAR Open Science Conferences, the SCAR Biology Symposia, and the SCAR International Symposia on Antarctic Earth Sciences. Announcements for opportunities to apply for travel funds will be announced here, through the US-SCAR mailing list and under US-SCAR News. Additional listings of specialized meetings and workshops can be found at the SCAR Events Calendar.

Upcoming Conferences

Year Name Location Date Additional Information
2023 2nd US Antarctic Science Meeting Virtual, Online 20-23 June 2023 Following up on the success of the 2021 US Antarctic Science Meeting, US-SCAR will host a second US meeting in 2023 (20-23 June). This meeting is for US scientists who are conducting research in, from or about Antarctica and the Southern Ocean. Scientists interested in getting involved in Antarctic research through US programs are also welcome and encouraged to attend. Registration will be free. The 2023 meeting will have a similar format to the 2021 meeting with plenary and contributed parallel sessions running for a few hours on each day. Further details and the call for abstracts will be sent out in January. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Deneb Karentz. karentzd@usfca.edu
2023 IV Ross Sea Conference Naples, Italy 3-7 July 2023 The Ross Sea has been the site of extensive investigations since the earliest days of polar exploration. Three Ross Sea conferences were held in Italy in the 1990s and early 2000, providing an overview of the regional state of the art. While many features of its oceanography, ecology, physics, glaciology, geology, and biogeochemistry are known, recent advances provide new insights into its structure and function, as well as its importance on global scales. This international symposium aims to resume the traditional meeting of the scientific community studying the Ross Sea and to provide a venue for recent advances from models, observations, experiments, remote sensing and other means. It also is intended to assess information regarding climate variability and change, as well as the key mechanisms and interactions that regulate processes on a variety of spatio-temporal scales. We welcome any contribution that enriches the scientific knowledge of the Ross Sea and the understanding of the occurring multidisciplinary processes. Please visit the conference website (https://www.rossseaconference.org/ross/index.html) for additional information.
2023 XIII SCAR Biology Symposium 2023 Christchurch, New Zealand 31 July-4 August 2023 The 13th SCAR Biology Symposium, originally scheduled for 2021, was postponed due to the continuing uncertainties over travel caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The Symposium will now be held in 2023. Abstract submission will open on 7 December 2022. In addition to the main conference, we will also facilitate workshops and satellite meetings before 31 July and after 3 August. Please visit the symposium website (http://scarbiology2023.org/) for additional information.
2023 The Southern Ocean Observing System (SOOS) Symposium Hobart, Australia 14-18 August 2023 The Southern Ocean Observing System (SOOS) Symposium, “Southern Ocean in a Changing World”, will consist of plenary presentations, parallel sessions and workshops. These will be focused around the topics below and incorporate a wide spectrum of Southern Ocean research. Please visit the symposium website (https://soossymposium2023.au/) for additional information.
2024 11th SCAR Open Science Conference Pucon, Chile 19-23 August 2024 Additional information will be available in due course.
2025 XIV International Symposium on Antarctic Earth Sciences (ISAES) To be determined To be determined The XIVth International Symposium on Antarctic Earth Sciences will take place in 2025. The location and dates will be confirmed in due course. Learn More
2026 12th SCAR Open Science Conference Oslo, Norway TBD Additional information will be available in due course.

Past Conferences

Year Name Location Date
2022 10th SCAR Open Science Conference Virtual Online Conference 1-10 August 2022
2021 US Antarctic Science Meeting Online (Zoom) Conference 12-15 July 2021
2020 SCAR 2020 Online Online Virtual Meeting 3-7 August 2020
2020 9th SCAR Open Science Conference - CANCELLED Hobart, Tasmania, Australia 31 July - 11 August 2020
2018 8th SCAR Open Science Conference Davos, Switzerland 15-26 June 2018
2016 7th SCAR Open Science Conference Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 20-30 August 2016
2014 6th SCAR Open Science Conference Auckland, New Zealand 23 August - 3 September 2014
2012 5th SCAR Open Science Conference Portland, Oregon, USA 16-19 July 2012
2010 4th SCAR Open Science Conference Buenos Aires, Argentina 3-6 August 2010
2008 3rd SCAR Open Science Conference St Petersburg, Russia 8-11 July 2008
2006 2nd SCAR Open Science Conference Hobart, Tasmania, Australia 12-14 July 2006
2004 1st SCAR Open Science Conference Bremen, Germany 26-28 July 2004