United States
Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research



The U.S. SCAR (US-SCAR) Office at the University of San Francisco is a focal point for U.S. participation in SCAR. The US-SCAR Office is funded by the NSF Office of Polar Programs, Antarctic Sciences. The National Academies Polar Research Board serves as the U.S. National Committee to SCAR, and the U.S. Antarctic scientific community is represented by the US-SCAR Team. US-SCAR promotes polar science within the U.S. and the international Antarctic scientific community by facilitating the participation of U.S. scientists in SCAR activities and supporting U.S. attendance, particularly of early career researchers, at the SCAR Open Science Conferences, the SCAR Biology Symposia, and the SCAR International Symposia on Antarctic Earth Sciences.


The members of the US-SCAR Team are your representatives. Contact information is provided for the US-SCAR Team if you would like to receive further information about SCAR programs or activities.

Lead Delegate to SCAR

Deneb Karentz karentzd@usfca.edu (term: 9/1/2018 -- 7/31/2025)
Professor, Departments of Biology and Environmental Science, University of San Francisco

Alternate Delegate to SCAR

Allan T. Weatherwax wxwax@mit.edu (term: 9/1/2018 -- 7/31/2025)
Research Scientist, Haystack Observatory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

SCAR Geosciences Scientific Group Representatives

  • Samantha Hansen shansen@ua.edu (term: 1/1/2016 -- 1/1/2026)
    Professor of Geological Sciences, University of Alabama
  • Julia Smith Wellner jwellner@uh.edu (term: 4/1/2022 -- 3/31/2028)
    Associate Professor, Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Houston
  • Hongjie Xie Hongjie.Xie@utsa.edu (term: 3/15/2023 -- 3/1/2029)
    Professor, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, The University of Texas at San Antonio

SCAR Physical Sciences Scientific Group Representatives

  • John Cassano john.cassano@colorado.edu (term: 1/1/2016 -- 1/1/2026)
    Associate Professor and Fellow, Cooperative Institute for Research in the Environmental Sciences, University of Colorado Boulder
  • Lu Lu lu.lu@icecube.wisc.edu (term: 4/1/2022 -- 3/31/2028)
    Assistant Professor, Physics Department and Wisconsin IceCube Particle Astrophysics Center, University of Wisconsin
  • Kirsty Tinto tinto@ldeo.columbia.edu (term: 4/1/2022 -- 3/31/2028)
    Lamont Associate Research Professor, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University

SCAR Life Sciences Scientific Group Representatives

  • Byron Adams byron_adams@byu.edu (term: 1/1/2016 -- 1/1/2026)
    Associate Professor of Biology, Brigham Young University
  • Charles Amsler amsler@uab.edu (term: 1/1/2016 -- 1/1/2026)
    Professor of Biology, University of Alabama | Birmingham
  • George Watters george.watters@noaa.gov (term: 1/1/2016 -- 1/1/2026)
    Director, Antarctic Ecosystem Research Division, NOAA Fisheries | SW Fisheries Science Center

SCAR Standing Committee on Antarctic Data Management

Frank Nitsche fnitsche@ldeo.columbia.edu
Research Scientist, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University

SCAR Standing Committee on Antarctic Geographic Information

Cole Kelleher kell1026@umn.edu
Satellite Tasking Coordinator, Polar Geospatial Center, University of Minnesota

Liaison with the Polar Research Board

April Melvin AMelvin@nas.edu
Senior Program Officer; National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine

US-SCAR Fellow

Lynn Kaluzienski lmkaluzienski@alaska.edu
Post-doctoral Scholar, University of Alaska Southeast

US-SCAR Intern

Isabel Dove isabel_dove@uri.edu
PhD Student, University of Rhode Island

US-SCAR Webmaster

Joseph Souney joe.souney@unh.edu
Research Project Manager, University of New Hampshire