United States
Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

Trevor Williams

Research Scientist
Texas A&M University
International Ocean Discovery Program
Research Interests
- Antarctic climate and ice history: provenance of iceberg-rafted debris and glacially eroded sediment; ice sheet instability under past warm climates; sea level change; Antarctic subglacial geology.
- Scientific Ocean Drilling: the use of downhole geophysical logs and physical properties of marine sediment cores for insight into paleoceanography, stratigraphy, and cyclicity; linking borehole data to seismic profiles; downhole magnetic logging for magnetostratigraphy.
Antarctic Research Location(s)
Field camp - fixed wing access
Other Antarctic Research Location(s)
RV JOIDES Resolution
Research Keywords
ice sheet evolution, paleoclimate, marine geology, provenance, Southern Ocean
NSF Antarctic Program
Antarctic Earth Sciences
Other NSF Antarctic Programs
Antarctic Glaciology
SCAR Science Group Affiliation
Geosciences Group