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Julia Wellner

Associate Professor
University of Houston
Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Research Interests
Julia Wellner is a marine scientist who studies the record of ice-sheet retreat in West Antarctica. She and her students are currently focused on Thwaites Glacier and nearby systems in the Amundsen Sea. They use marine geophysical data to map glacial geomorphology, delineating areas of different past flow conditions. Using marine sediment cores, they then define past marine and glacial environmental conditions. Dating of those sediment records, using both 14-C and 210-Pb, allows for reconstruction of glacial conditions in the pre-satellite era and an understanding of how various physical parameters have affected the ice.
Antarctic Research Location(s)
RVIB Nathaniel B. Palmer
Research Keywords
Thwaites Glacier, Amundsen Sea, ice-sheet retreat, sedimentology, marine geology
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Antarctic Integrated System Science
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Antarctic Earth Sciences
Antarctic Glaciology
Antarctic Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences
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Geosciences Group
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