The Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) is an international organization established in 1958 to facilitate international collaborations in Antarctic science, and SCAR serves as an advisor to the Antarctic Treaty System (ATS).

The U.S. SCAR (US-SCAR) Office at the University of San Francisco is a focal point for U.S. participation in SCAR. The US-SCAR Office is funded by the NSF Office of Polar Programs, Antarctic Sciences. The National Academies Polar Research Board serves as the U.S. National Committee to SCAR, and the U.S. Antarctic scientific community is represented by the US-SCAR Team. US-SCAR promotes polar science within the U.S. and the international Antarctic scientific community by facilitating the participation of U.S. scientists in SCAR activities and supporting U.S. attendance, particularly of early career researchers, at the SCAR Open Science Conferences, the SCAR Biology Symposia, and the SCAR International Symposia on Antarctic Earth Sciences.

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