United States
Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

US-SCAR news and listserv change


The US-SCAR ANSWER listserv has been retired. All members from ANSWER have been migrated to this new US-SCAR listserv. And we have a new US-SCAR website!

Thank you to everyone who attended SCAR101 on July 28, it was a great turn out. The slides presented during the SCAR101 session are available to view (SCAR101).

Our major announcement is that NSF Office of Polar Programs/Antarctic Sciences has awarded a five-year grant to the University of San Francisco (Deneb Karentz) to support the establishment of a US-SCAR Office. The grant will also cover:

  • Travel for US scientists, primarily early career, to attend SCAR Open Science Conferences and Symposia (Biology and Earth Sciences)
  • Travel for US-SCAR delegates and representatives to attend SCAR business meetings
  • A part-time intern for US-SCAR (separate call for applications to follow)
  • Subcontract to the University of New Hampshire (Joe Souney) for the new US-SCAR website

We look forward to enhancement of US-SCAR activities with this support from NSF.

We are also happy to report that Paul Morin, Director of the Polar Geospatial Center at the University of Minnesota, has recently been elected as the co-chair of the SCAR Standing Committee on Antarctic Geographic Information (SCAGI). Congratulations Paul!


SCAR2020 originally scheduled for Australia, will be online. Sessions will be held next week, Aug 3-7. Registration for SCAR2020 Online is free.