United States
Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

US-SCAR Internship Opportunity

The United States delegation to the Scientific Committee for Antarctic Research (SCAR) has a part time paid internship position available for a PhD student who is currently involved in Antarctic research at a US institution. This position is funded by a grant from the NSF Office of Polar Programs, Antarctic Sciences awarded to the University of San Francisco. The formal US delegation to SCAR has a lead and an alternate delegate, plus eleven scientists who serve as representatives to the three SCAR Science Groups (Life Sciences, Physical Sciences and Geosciences) and two Standing Committees (Antarctic Data Management and Antarctic Geographic Information). In addition, there are over 100 American scientists who are involved in various SCAR research initiatives and subcommittees. (Learn more about US-SCAR.)

A part time intern is sought to assist with various aspects of the operations and outreach efforts of US-SCAR. Intern activities may include:

  • creating content for the new US-SCAR website (e.g., updates on US Antarctic research, interviews with US Antarctic scientists, calendar of Antarctic events, etc.),
  • coordinating social media for outreach to existing and underrepresented groups,
  • developing new strategies for promoting SCAR among US scientists,
  • assisting in the organization of remote meetings and webinars, and
  • helping with the call for applications and subsequent processing of NSF travel awards to SCAR meetings.

To apply you must be:

  • enrolled as a PhD student at US institution,
  • involved in Antarctic research, and
  • able to make at least a one-year commitment to the internship.

Expectations and Compensation:
The US-SCAR internship will be through a contract with the University of San Francisco. Hours will be flexible and variable, averaging 5-8 hours per week. Compensation is at the hourly rate of $25, there are no fringe benefits. Work will be coordinated remotely with the US delegate to SCAR, Deneb Karentz (Professor of Biology and Environmental Science, University of San Francisco). A minimum commitment of one year is desired.

Travel and registration costs for the intern will be fully supported for any SCAR-related meetings (e.g., Open Science Conferences, Biology or Earth Science Symposia, meetings of the US-SCAR team) that are held in person during the internship period.

How to Apply:
Complete the online application. Application deadline is March 21, 2023.

Contact Deneb Karentz, karentzd@usfca.edu