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Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

Travel Funds Anticipated for U.S. Participants in the 2016 SCAR Open Science Conference

It is expected that funds will be available to support participation of U.S. scientists in the 7th biennial SCAR Open Science Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (meeting website: http://scar2016.com). The theme is Antarctica in the Global Earth System: from the Poles to the Tropics. The Open Science Conference is an international and interdisciplinary meeting that brings together scientists of all ages from around the world with interests in Antarctica and the southern ocean. Funds are intended primarily to support early-career scientists , graduate students and individuals who would increase the diversity of the polar science community. Participation in the SCAR Open Science Conference and ancillary meetings of SCAR scientific groups provides individuals with the opportunity to contribute to international science initiatives. Individuals at all levels (students to senior researchers) interested in engaging in international collaborative activities and, potentially, assuming active leadership roles in SCAR groups, are particularly encouraged to participate. Those with meeting travel funds included in their Antarctic awards are not eligible for this travel support.

Eligibility and Application: Successful applicants must present a talk or poster at the symposium and must be enrolled at or employed by a U.S. institution. An application form will be posted on the U.S. SCAR web site: usscar.org. To apply for travel funds, download the application form and send it together with your submitted OSC abstract to Terry Wilson (wilson.43 at osu.edu) by March 15th, 2016. In order to maximize the number of participants supported, we anticipate that the funding per individual will be in the range of $1,000-2,250 USD, with lesser amounts awarded to more well established applicants. All associated air travel must be on US-flagged carriers.

If you plan to apply for a travel award, could you please send an email right away to Terry Wilson (wilson.43 at osu.edu) to notify us of your interest?

The Abstract Deadline for the OSC is February 14th, 2016 – Submit soon!