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Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

Stieglitz joins NSF's Office of Polar Programs as Program Director for Arctic Natural Sciences

Dr. Marc Stieglitz returns to the Office of Polar Programs, where he will rejoin the Arctic Natural Sciences (ANS) team. He comes from the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he was an Associate Professor in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering and School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences. He has been active in Arctic research since the early-1990s, where his research interests are at the interface of hydrology, ecology, and biogeochemistry. He also brings  considerable expertise in modeling, remote sensing, and cyberinfrastructure. Dr. Stieglitz earned his Ph.D. in Geological Sciences from Columbia University.

Dr. Stieglitz previously served as a rotator in the Arctic Section from 2015-2018, again as a program director in ANS. He also served as a program director in the Arctic System Science program.