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Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

Southern Ocean Decade and Polar Data Forum Week 2021

The Second Southern Ocean Decade Workshop (Sept 20-22) in conjunction with Polar Data Forum IV (Sept 20-24) (website with details for both meetings)

Second Southern Ocean Decade Workshop

The Workshop will combine a conference style meeting in support of knowledge exchange, with a public consultation approach that will build up to the development of the Final Southern Ocean Action Plan for the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development.

Polar Data Forum IV

Polar Data Forum (PDF) is a place where polar data holders get together and make more use of data. The Forum has two main components: the Conference, where the border between funding, policy and data is explored through presentations and posters (23-24 September); and Workshop Sessions & Hackathons, where the Polar Data Community opens the dialogue to make progress on their shared objectives (20-22 September).