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Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

Second Announcement: Funding Opportunity for US Early Career Scientists

Second Announcement

Funding Opportunity for US Early Career Scientists Involved with or Interested in Antarctic Research

Call for Applications (review starts December 15)

The US Biological Adaptations to Environmental Change in Antarctica – An Advanced Training Program for Early Career Scientists has grants (<$5,000) available for research and travel to enhance participation in the US Antarctic Program. Funding is available to augment current research, or to offset costs to attend in person or remote meetings. Applicants can be already involved in Antarctic research or be interested in getting involved in the study of any aspect of Antarctic science (does not have to be biological). Applications are invited from (1) students currently enrolled in MS or PhD programs, (2) postdoctoral researchers, and (3) early-career faculty and research scientists. “Early career” is defined here as pre-PhD or within five years of earning a PhD. Applicants must be enrolled or employed at a US university or institution.

Link to additional details and instructions on how to apply.

This program is supported by US National Science Foundation Grant #1245752.


Deneb Karentz,
Professor Program Co-Director
University of San Francisco