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Request for Community Input - Draft 2018 Long Range Science Plan (U.S. Ice Drilling Program Office)

Dear U.S. Ice Drilling and Ice Coring Colleagues,

Will you need an ice core or an access hole drilled in a glacier or ice sheet in the coming decade? If so, please read on and send us your input!

Each year in the spring the Ice Drilling Program Office (IDPO) of the U.S. Ice Drilling Program works with its Science Advisory Board and with the research community to update the IDPO Long Range Science Plan. This Plan identifies the science in the coming decade that will require the use of ice drilling technology and expertise for the community. This also drives the formation of other plans, for example the IDDO Long Range Drilling Technology Plan. The plans provide the basis for multi-annual planning for the actions and drill development projects of IDPO-IDDO and others, and the plans give the funding agencies advance notice of upcoming community science needs.

If you will need an ice core or a hole drilled in a glacier or ice sheet in the coming decade, or a rock core from under shallow glacial ice, please make sure that the high-level articulation of your science is captured in the current draft update of the IDPO Long Range Science Plan!

Please read through the draft Long Range Science Plan and send corrections, updates, or additions to Icedrill at Dartmouth.edu ASAP or not later than May 30, 2018.

Submission deadline: 30 May 2018

To download the working draft, please visit: https://icedrill.org/long-range-science-plan


Ice Drilling Program Office (IDPO)
Ice Drilling Design & Operations (IDDO)
Email: Icedrill at Dartmouth.edu
Web: https://icedrill.org