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PSECCO Opportunities for Polar Early Career Scientists

Polar Science Early Career Community Office (PSECCO)

PSECCO Social for Polar Early Career Scientists - June 29, 2022
Join other polar early career scientists to connect, network, build community and have some fun at PSECCO's Early Career Social Hour on June 29th, 2022, at 10am - 11.30am AKT | 12pm - 1.30pm MT |2pm to 3.30pm ET in the fun virtual world of 'Topia'! Register to attend the event here.

Topia is an interactive and unique way to connect with others remotely, in a virtual setting. Appearing in the world as an avatar, you can move around our PSECCO space and meet people in a natural way. Sit and chat with other polar scientists who do science where you do or move to gather with other folks chatting around a campfire. The cool thing about this world is that you decide who you chat to and where you go within it.

PSECCO will bring fun icebreakers for folks to kick off their conversations and/or provide natural breaks during which you can choose to move on to chat to someone else. All attendees will be expected to adhere to PSECCO's Community Guidelines.

This event will occur monthly on the last Wednesday of every month!

PSECCO Community Space Slack Channel
Are you a polar early career scientist looking to make informal connections, ask questions about polar science, papers, or data, plan meet-ups at conferences & more?! You can do any of these things and be part of our virtual community by engaging with other polar early career scientists on PSECCO's Community Space Slack space.

Join the PSECCO Community slack channel here.

Quick Guide to Using Channels

  • ask questions you might have about various polar-related topics (e.g., data sources, coding, papers, etc.) in the #ask-anything channel
  • use the #coffee-and-donuts channel to connect over coffee, tea, water and/or donuts with other early career scientists in the PSECCO community! Folks in the channel will be randomly matched every two weeks with someone new.
  • build community, share opportunities and get to know other polar early career scientists in the #community channel
  • use the #resource-requests channel to query the broader community for resources, data, code, GIS layers, papers, places to find ship-space, and more. This is a place to help others and to be helped!
  • organize meet-ups with other polar EC scientists at conferences, meetings and workshops in the #conferences channel
  • introduce yourself to the wider polar early career community in the #welcome channel.
  • inspire use of the slack in other ways too, as the space is to be useful to YOU as polar early career scientists. If you have an idea for a new channel and want it set up, let PSECCO know, and we can make it happen.

The creation of this slack space came directly from requests from the polar early career community for informal ways to build community across the polar sciences. Please use these channels in a manner that works and feels best for you--but also, don't be shy! This space is a space for everyone who is early in their career and engaged in polar sciences, no matter where you are in the definition of 'early career' and no matter what type of polar science you engage with. To be inclusive and welcoming, we expect all users to engage with the channel in a way that adheres to PSECCO's Community Guidelines.

Hope to see you there!

NSF Polar Program Office Chat for Early Career Scientists – July 12, 2022
Join the PSECCO and the National Science Foundation Office of Polar Program (OPP) Officers for an entry-level conversation about the OPP and its relevance to you as a polar early career scientist on July 12th, 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM AKT | 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM MT | 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM ET! Register for the event here or on the PSECCO website.

The first hour of the call will be share an entry-level overview of the Office of Polar Programs, and information directly relevant to polar early career scientists. Some questions that may be covered on the call include:

  • What is a program officer and why it is relevant to know them?
  • What sorts of questions might be good to ask a program officer as a polar early career scientist considering on putting in a proposal?
  • How should early career scientists best stay updated on solicitations?
  • What are some current opportunities that the NSF OPP would like to highlight for early career scientists?

During the last thirty minutes of the call, early career scientists will have an opportunity to ask program officers questions and engage in general conversation as a group related to OPP and NSF funding.

Questions on any of the above? Reach out to PSECCO at psecco@colorado.edu.