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Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

Polar Science Early Career Community Office (PSECCO)

The Polar Science Early Career Community Office (PSECCO) is officially launched (see press release)! PSECCO is a community-building and community-support organization for polar early career scientists. Its mission is to empower and elevate early career scientists in the Polar Sciences, support a vibrant community, provide opportunities and resources, offer skill training and work together towards a more just, inclusive, diverse, equitable, and accessible polar science environment.

The office will be building partnerships and offering support to early career organizations already doing great work, working to build community, and offering unique professional development and funding opportunities of its own. Help us to shape and evolve the office to best support polar early career scientists by attending a community meeting on May 3 at 11am AK/1pm MT/3pm ET or June 9, 9am AK/11am MT/1pm ET. Learn more about the office and sign up for our mailing lists at psecco.org, or join us on Twitter @polarsecco.

Mariama Dryak (she/her | what’s this?)
Director, Polar Science Early Career Community Office
mariama.dryak@colorado.edu | psecco@colorado.edu