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Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

Polar Research Board: Call for Member Nominations

Deadline: July 8, 2022

The National Academies' Polar Research Board (PRB) is currently soliciting nominations for PRB Members. For this call, we particularly encourage nominees with expertise in glaciology, sea ice, marine and terrestrial conservation, hydrology, geology/geophysics, space science, resource management, and science policy. The Board’s purview extends across a wide range of scientific disciplines, and we would also welcome nominees with expertise in permafrost science, physical and biological oceanography, biology and ecology, atmospheric and climate science, sustainability of communities, and other aspects of social science and polar science policy.

The National Academies are committed to enhancing diversity and inclusion in order to strengthen the quality of our work. Diverse perspectives contribute to finding innovative approaches and solutions to challenging issues. We encourage the nomination of a diverse set of experts, including candidates from underrepresented races, ethnicities, and gender identities; people with disabilities; and a range of early- and mid-career professionals. Self-nominations are welcome.

Nominations are due by Friday, July 8, 2022.


About the Polar Research Board

The National Academies’ Polar Research Board (PRB) serves as a focal point for providing scientific advice on issues related to the Arctic, Antarctic, and cold regions in general. The PRB strives to make research in the polar regions more productive and responsive to the needs of the United States, maintain U.S. awareness of and representation in international science programs, and enhance understanding of issues in polar regions. PRB Members serve an essential role in advising Board activities, developing new project areas, and engaging with federal and other stakeholders in support of polar science research and addressing societal needs.

If you have questions, please email April Melvin at amelvin@nas.edu.