United States
Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

Polar & Alpine Microbiology Conference

Dear USCAR members

We would like to invite you to the 6th International Conference on Polar & Alpine Microbiology. The conference will be held between 6-10 September 2015 in České Budějovice, Czech Republic.

We welcome submissions for oral and poster presentations that fit any of the conference topics:
A. Polar/alpine microbiology and environmental change: past, present and future
B. Microbial diversity and evolution
C. Cold physiology and cryobiology
D. Supraglacial, glacial and subglacial microbiology
E. Polar/alpine cyanobacteria
F. Biotechnology in low temperatures
G. Astrobiology of icy worlds

The deadline for abstract submission and early registration is 1 May 2015.

Please visit the conference website <http://polaralpinemicrobiology2015.prf.jcu.cz/> for instruction and further information. Follow us on twitter @2015_PAM for immediate updates.

On behalf of the local organising committee,
Josef Elster (Conference Chair) & Marie Šabacká

6th International Conference on Polar & Alpine Microbiology
University of South Bohemia
České Budějovice
Czech Republic
Phone: +410 387 776 302
Mobile: +420 724384001
E-Mail: PolarAlpineMicro at gmail.com
Web: http://polaralpinemicrobiology2015.prf.jcu.cz
Twitter: https://twitter.com/2015_PAM