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NSF Dear Colleague Letter: Seafloor Geodesy 2022

A new NSF Dear Colleague Letter: Seafloor Geodesy 2022, (NSF DCL 22-124) has been posted inviting proposals for seafloor geodesy field campaigns to deploy transponders from an existing instrument pool for 1-4 sites at tectonic settings that target volcanic processes, transform processes, plate motions, or polar regions as identified in the 2021 Community Workshop report on Seafloor Geodesy. The geodetic instruments have a depth limit of 3000 m and a multi-year deployment is envisioned with requisite waveglider surveys. Projects can be Program Investigator-driven or Community-driven.

Proposers should contact program officers Gail Christeson or Michael Jackson early in the proposal development process for seafloor geodetic facility budget preparation guidance.

Proposals should be submitted by February 15, 2023.

Terri Edillon
Communications Specialist
NSF Office of Polar Programs
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