United States
Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

NSF Antarctic Subsea Cable Workshop Survey

2021 Antarctic Subsea Cable Workshop: High-Speed Connectivity Needs to Advance US Antarctic Science

Funded by the National Science Foundation

June 29 - July 1, 2021 Virtual Zoom Workshop, 1-5 pm US CDT (6-10 pm UTC)
Website: https://www.pgc.umn.edu/workshops/antarctic-cable/

Attendance will be capped at ~50 active participants. There will be YouTube live stream with chat open to all (Days 1 and 3) that is also archived for asynchronous viewing.

Day 1: Scene Setting, Lightning Talks
Day 2: Workshop Breakout Sessions
Day 3: Summary and Plan for Drafting Report

The goal of this workshop is to produce a report outlining the science advances and impacts that would be enabled by massive improvements in digital connectivity to Antarctica.

Given recent synergistic opportunities, NSF is interested in a visioning exercise to understand the transformational potential of a submarine fiber optic telecommunications cable between New Zealand and McMurdo Station in the type, kind and conduct of research supported by the United States Antarctic Program. Terabit-scale networking capability could eliminate current bandwidth constraints faced by researchers, educators and support functions while also reducing the latency of current satellite-based communication. The cable infrastructure can itself also serve as a scientific platform (a “SMART” cable) with capability to monitor ocean conditions and seismic activity. Direct fiber connectivity to McMurdo may also enable improved connectivity to Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station and science infrastructure there.

Please fill out this survey to share your thoughts and register your interest in participating in the workshop.

Additional information about the workshop is available in this file and on the workshop website.