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NRC AGU Session Announcements

AGU Session Announcements and Call for Abstracts

"Peeking Under the Ice: Revealing New Aspects of the Previously Hidden Polar Regions"
"Changing Ecosystems of the Arctic and Antarctic"
"Removing Carbon Dioxide from Earth's Atmosphere"

American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting
December 15-19, 2014, San Francisco, California

Abstract Submission Deadline: August 6, 2014


Dear Colleagues,

The National Research Council's Polar Research Board and Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate are pleased to announce a call for abstracts for three AGU sessions:

1. Peeking Under the Ice: Revealing New Aspects of the Previously Hidden Polar Regions

Conveners: Julie Brigham-Grette, Katey Walter Anthony, Giff Miller
Invited Speakers: Catherine La Farge, Jim Overland, Jason Briner, Eric Rignot

Large portions of the Arctic and Antarctica have historically been inaccessible due to terrestrial glacial ice cover, thick ice shelves, and extensive sea-ice, exacerbated by lack of infrastructure and extreme conditions. However, rapid environmental changes occurring across these regions now provide access to new study sites. Coupled with technological advances (e.g., in remote sensing capabilities, analytical tools, observational platforms), these changes are aiding researchers in discovering previously hidden aspects of the polar regions, including the ability to study the poles throughout the year. We invite speakers to illustrate important research opportunities and results that are only now being revealed due to these sorts of environmental and technological developments. Abstracts may range from geophysical studies (e.g., glacier and sea-ice retreat, new sources/mechanisms of land-sea-air gas exchange), to ecological studies (survival of plant communities), to social science studies (archeological investigations of newly accessible areas).

2. Changing Ecosystems of the Arctic and Antarctic

Conveners: Eileen Hofmann, Gus Shaver, Jackie Grebmeier
Invited Speakers: Sue Moore, Diane McKnight, Breck Bowden, Scott Goetz

The terrestrial, freshwater, and oceanic environments of the Arctic and Antarctic are undergoing considerable modifications as a result of climate change. These changes are affecting the structure and productivity of the ecosystems at the two poles, as evidenced by changes in species range, shifts in timing and magnitude of biological production, loss of some polar species, and establishment of new species from subpolar regions. This session will provide a venue to discuss these biological changes, compare the consequences to trophic interactions, and explore the drivers that affect ecosystem variability and change at both poles. Abstracts that consider projections of the possible consequences of these changes for future productivity of high latitude ecosystems and potential effects for resource usage are also invited.

Removing Carbon Dioxide from Earth's Atmosphere
Conveners: Marcia McNutt, Jennifer Wilcox, Edward Dunlea

Human activities over the past centuries-mostly fossil fuel burning and deforestation-have resulted in the release of nearly two trillion tons of carbon dioxide, significantly increasing concentrations in the atmosphere. Today, scientists, engineers, and policy makers are working together to discover, validate, and implement strategies to reduce CO2 emissions. However, given the pace of emissions reductions, efforts to remove anthropogenic CO2 from the atmosphere and sequester them may be necessary within the portfolio of solutions to reduce negative climate-change impacts. This session provides a venue to discuss various carbon dioxide removal techniques, including bioenergy with carbon capture and sequestration, land management (afforestation, reforestation, etc.), and ocean iron fertilization. Abstracts that consider carbon reservoir properties and carbon disposal are also invited.

The abstract submission deadline is August 6, 2014. Please go to: http://fallmeeting.agu.org/2014/scientific-program/ for more information.

Best regards,

Lauren (Brown) Everett
Associate Program Officer, PRB
LEverett at nas.edu
202 334 1753