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Nominate an Expert! Research Topics for the Fifth International Polar Year

Nominate an Expert!
Exploring Key Research and Monitoring Topics for U.S. Engagement in the Fifth International Polar Year -- A Workshop

Deadline: July 19, 2024 

The National Academies’ Polar Research Board, in collaboration with the Board on Earth Sciences and Resources and Ocean Studies Board, are seeking nominations for planning committee members to organize a workshop that will explore research and monitoring areas for U.S. involvement in the Fifth International Polar Year (IPY5).

International Polar Years are intended to make large advancements in scientific understanding by galvanizing the research community and fostering large-scale international coordination and national investments in polar science. IPY5 will be held in 2032-2033 and planning at the international level has recently gotten underway. 

Using these suggestions, National Academies staff will be looking to build a committee of approximately 6-8 volunteer experts in addition to collecting information for potential speakers, participants, and peer reviewers for any publications resulting from the activity.

For more information about the call for nominations, please visit the nomination form. We invite you to submit all nominations by July 19, 2024.

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To learn more about this project, visit the project webpage. To learn more about the responsibilities and commitments of our volunteer committee members, visit the information webpage.

If you have questions, please email Morgan Monz at MMonz@nas.edu.