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Polar Research Board Fall Meeting

The PRB Fall Meeting open sessions will take place (as a series of online sessions) on November 15, 19, and 30.

November 15 (3-5pm ET). This session will include: (i) discussions with select federal agency polar program leaders about current priorities, opportunities and challenges; (ii) updates on developments in international polar science cooperation through IASC and SCAR; (iii) updates on recent/current PRB (and related NASEM) activities.

November 19 (2-5pm ET). This session will explore current developments, and possible opportunities for new PRB efforts related to: (i) assessment of health risks/concerns for Arctic-region populations; (ii) prospects for expanding science cooperation in the Russian Arctic.

November 30 (3-5pm ET). This will be a joint session with the Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate (BASC) and Ocean Studies Board (OSB) on “Tipping Points in the Climate System”. We will consider scientific advances made since the last major NASEM study on this topic (in 2013) and explore what new Academies activities could help advance scientific understanding and public communication about these tipping point/abrupt change concepts.

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