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Invitation to Register and Contribute Input to a National Academies workshop on "Technology Developments to Advance Antarctic Research"


Technology Developments to Advance Antarctic Research
May 3–5, 2022 | 12:00–4:00 pm (EDT) each day. Held online (virtual)

Doing scientific research in the remote, often dangerous conditions of the polar regions can pose extraordinary challenges. The National Science Foundation, which helps the scientific community address these challenges, has asked the National Academies to organize a workshop to foster community-wide discussion about harnessing cutting-edge technological innovations to (1) advance, facilitate, and transform Antarctic and polar research; (2) increase the reach of Antarctic and polar research while reducing the environmental footprint of these operations; and (3) facilitate broader, more diverse participation in Antarctic and polar research. (While focused primarily on Antarctic science, the workshop will also explore lessons/solutions from Arctic science as well.)

The workshop discussions will encompass specific research areas as well as cross-cutting issues—for instance, making autonomous observing systems more effective and cost-efficient through advances in sensors, power, and communication technologies. Unlike many traditional meetings, the goal of this activity is not to report on the outcomes of current/completed research but to look forward and consider new technology frontiers, along with strategies for building innovative partnerships with technology developers not yet engaged in polar research.

As input to this workshop, we invite your creative ideas regarding: existing technologies that hold potential to advance some key aspect of Antarctic/polar research, but have not yet been applied for this purpose; and/or new technological advances that could plausibly (technologically, operationally) be developed to advance some key aspects of Antarctic/polar research.

Idea Submission Deadline: April 20, 2022. You do not have to register for the workshop to submit ideas.

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