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Call for nominations: Representatives to the US-SCAR team

CALL FOR NOMINATIONS: U.S. Representatives to the US-SCAR team Deadline: January 24

The Scientific Committee for Antarctic Research (SCAR) is an international scientific organization that promotes and facilitates cooperation in all aspects of Antarctic research and provides science advice to the Antarctic Treaty System for Antarctic policy and environmental management decisions. The Polar Research Board of the U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine is responsible for selection of U.S. representatives to SCAR - a team consisting of a Lead Delegate, Alternative Delegate, and members of the three main SCAR Science Groups (Geosciences, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences). A list of current U.S. representatives can be found on the US-SCAR website.

We are seeking nominations for people to fill three spaces on this US-SCAR team - including one candidate for the Geosciences Group, and two candidates for the Physical Sciences Group. We seek candidates who have some existing understanding of SCAR’s structure and goals, have a strong commitment to SCAR’s vision for international research cooperation, are well-respected in their fields of work, and have a broad understanding of polar-region research.

The Science Group representatives, appointed for a 6-year term, are expected to actively participate in the SCAR international business meetings that take place every other year. (The next round meetings, in August 2022, will be virtual-only; but future meetings will hopefully be in person, and thus international travel will be required). In between the international meetings, SCAR representatives contribute to a variety of activities to help build community and expand SCAR engagement among U.S. Antarctic researchers.

The National Academies are committed to enhancing diversity and inclusion in order to strengthen the quality of our work. We encourage the nomination of volunteers who reflect the populations we serve and welcome in particular candidates from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups, women, and early- and mid-career professionals.

Submissions (including self-nomination) are welcome until January 24. Names can be submitted at the following link:

Call for Nominations: US Representatives to SCAR (the Scientific Committee for Antarctic Research)

We look forward to your input!