United States
Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

Antarctic web links - a new resource from US-SCAR

US-SCAR has added a new page (Useful Antarctic Links) to our website that provides a listing of Antarctic and Southern Ocean resources available on the Internet.

Useful Antarctic Links includes categories of:

  • U.S. Research Funding and Support
  • Antarctic Data
  • Antarctic Sample Repositories
  • Groups Involved in Polar Issues
  • Formal Polar Programs at U.S. Institutions
  • Polar Diversity and Inclusion
  • Polar Early Career Resources
  • Education and Training Resources
  • Miscellaneous Antarctic Resources
  • Polar Mailing Lists

This listing of websites is new and not complete. Please take a look and if you know of additional resources/links that should be added, you can use this form to send us your suggestions. Links in the list are long-term addresses and not short-term programs.

If you want to advertise an event or initiative, please contact info@usscar.org to have an announcement sent through the US-SCAR mail list.