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Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

Ant-ICON Engagement Session Sept 29th 6pm UTC

Integrated Science to Inform Antarctic and Southern Ocean Conservation (Ant-ICON) is a SCAR Scientific Research Program. Ant-ICON will answer fundamental science questions (as identified by the SCAR Horizon Scan), relating to the conservation and management of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean and focus on research to drive and inform international decision-making and policy change.

Dear Ant-ICON community

After the success of the first two community engagement sessions, we have decided to host a third session specifically targeted at early and mid-career researchers (EMCRs). During the session we will introduce Ant-ICON and each of the themes, followed by a discussion on how early and mid-career researchers can be involved in Ant-ICON and how Ant-ICON can best support them.

When: Wednesday Sep 29th 6pm UTC time
Who: Specifically EMCRs, though everyone is welcome
Register: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJwvcu6vqD8qGdBlCs1S_uqh6C_n8tHbTCOZ (the zoom link will be emailed to you once registering)

Please come along and help to spread the word to EMCRs who might be interested in Ant-ICON.

Best wishes,
Jasmine Lee on behalf of the Ant-ICON Steering Committee