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AGU Cryosphere Awards

Dear SCAR Community,

Please consider nominating scientists for the AGU Cryo Awards! All packets are due April 12th!

The AGU Cryosphere Canvassing Committee is striving to receive a wide diversity of nominations for the Early Career, Nye Lecture, and AGU Fellows awards. Nearly anyone can lead a nomination and if you don't have time to lead one, consider filling out our suggestion box and we can try to help. Note that the Nye Lecture now accepts nominations for science teams! Lastly, contributions in education, outreach, science communication, and mentorship are valued as much as "typical" science contributions (grants, papers, etc.), and Cryosphere doesn't just mean glaciologists (e.g., soil scientists, biologists, geochemists, oceanographers, glacial geologists, etc. are appreciated)! Please share widely within your networks and check out the resources, including evaluation criteria, below.

There is interest in creating informal nomination groups to work on nominations as a community. If you are forming these groups and would like us to help spread the word, please let us know!

Reach out if you have any questions!

Suggestion box
Nomination resources (including rubrics/evaluation criteria)
Interested in evaluating nominations? Email Ellyn Enderlin at: ellynenderlin@boisestate.edu

Melisa Diaz
Assistant Professor
Department of Geography
Institute for Arctic and Alpine Research
University of Colorado Boulder