United States
Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

Full Professor
The Ohio State University
School of Earth Sciences and the Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center
Research Interests
My research interests are very broad, in that I am an environmental geochemist/biogeochemist interested in aquatic, soil and dust geochemistry in the context of both ecological habitat and biogeography and climate change. I was a member of the McMurdo Dry Valleys Long-term Ecological Research team for 24 years and was the lead-PI for ~8 years. In this capacity my group's focus was on the geochemistry of both lakes and streams in these valleys. This work included documenting the history of the lakes as it related to changing climate, the source of solutes to the lakes, and the quantification of chemical weathering in the streams, among other issues. More recently I have been interested in the geochemistry of soils in the TransAntarctic Mountains, the biogeochemistry of of subglacial environments, and the subaerial flux of iron from glacier melt into the Southern Ocean.
Antarctic Research Location(s)
McMurdo Station
Field camp - fixed wing access
Dry Valleys
Research Keywords
geochemistry, biogeochemistry, streams and lakes, interdisciplinary
NSF Antarctic Program
Antarctic Earth Sciences
Other NSF Antarctic Programs
Antarctic Integrated System Science
Antarctic Organisms and Ecosystems
SCAR Science Group Affiliation
Geosciences Group
Current SCAR Group Participation
I have been a US rep to the Geosciences group and a former Chief Officer of this group. I think that I am still affiliated with the following groups: Geoheritage; Subglacial environments, the ecological observatory group.