United States
Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

Schuyler Borges

PhD Student
Northern Arizona University
Astronomy and Planetary Science
Research Interests
Schuyler Borges is interested in understanding how Antarctic microbial communities form remote and in situ biosignatures detectable on rocky, cold planetary bodies in and outside our Solar System. Schuyler studies Antarctic microbial mats in glacial meltwater streams of the McMurdo Dry Valleys. Utilizing remote sensing, in situ field observations, and lab work, Schuyler aims to understand how these microbial organisms can be detected in both their extinct and extant states.
Antarctic Research Location(s)
McMurdo Station
Dry Valleys
Research Keywords
Astrobiology, biosignatures, remote sensing, geobiology, microbial ecology
NSF Antarctic Program
Antarctic Organisms and Ecosystems
SCAR Science Group Affiliation
Life Sciences Group