United States
Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

Rebecca Gast

Associate Professor
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Research Interests
I am a protistologist with training in molecular genetics, and my research in the marine Antarctic environment includes the diversity, distribution and abundance of taxa involved in phototrophy, heterotrophy and mixotrophy (the combination of both trophic modes). The goals of this work are not only to examine the seasonal and regional distributions of these organisms relative to environmental conditions, but to better understand their roles in the pelagic food web.
Antarctic Research Location(s)
ARSV Laurence M. Gould
RVIB Nathaniel B. Palmer
Research Keywords
phototrophy, heterotrophy, mixotrophy, microbial food web, plankton ecology
NSF Antarctic Program
Antarctic Organisms and Ecosystems
SCAR Science Group Affiliation
Life Sciences Group
Current SCAR Group Participation