United States
Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

Kelton McMahon

Assistant Professor
University of Rhode Island
Graduate School of Oceanography
Research Interests
Kelton McMahon is a biological oceanography and ecological geochemist, actively engaged in basic and applied research to examine the roles that food web architecture play in the function and resilience of marine ecosystems. He is particularly interested in understanding how climate change and human-environment interactions alter these relationships. A central focus of his work is the development and application of cutting edge molecular isotope geochemistry tools to explore the sources and cycling of organic matter as it flows through marine ecosystems.
Antarctic Research Location(s)
Palmer Station
Field camp - ship access
Cape Crozier
Other Antarctic Research Location(s)
Antarctic Peninsula
Research Keywords
biogeochemistry, climate change, geochemistry, penguins, seals
NSF Antarctic Program
Antarctic Organisms and Ecosystems
Other NSF Antarctic Programs
Antarctic Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences
SCAR Science Group Affiliation
Geosciences Group