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Joseph Levy

Assistant Professor
Colgate University
Research Interests
Joe Levy is a permafrost geomorphologist with interests in cold desert hydrology, ecology, and landscape evolution. His research focuses on understanding the structure, origins, and future responses of polar and alpine landscapes to changing climate conditions using satellite observations, embedded sensor networks, and laboratory analyses of sediments, water, and ice. This wide range of technical approaches is synthesized into a probe of surface composition, climate history, and future response using remote sensing and GIS analyses. He is particularly interested in the evolution of icy landscapes during deglaciation and permafrost thaw, and anticipating landscape changes in a world with less ice. By combining geological, ecological, remote-sensing, and climatological tools, Levy’s research program also works to advance the fundamental science that underlies planetary exploration.
Antarctic Research Location(s)
McMurdo Station
Field camp - helicopter access
Dry Valleys
Research Keywords
permafrost, dry valleys, mars, water tracks, remote sensing
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Antarctic Earth Sciences
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Antarctic Integrated System Science
Antarctic Organisms and Ecosystems
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