United States
Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

David Reusch

New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology
Earth & Environmental Science
Research Interests
My primary research interests revolve around two main themes: understanding climate and climate change in the polar regions and improving the tools we use to analyze the large, complex datasets that are becoming ever more common in climate studies globally. I have worked on a number of projects utilizing observed and modeled meteorological datasets, on their own and with ice-core data, in both Antarctica and Greenland. I have also studied Antarctic sea ice variability and methods to reconstruct it from ice-core data. Running through all these projects have been efforts to work with and develop new tools for visualizing and simplifying the complexity and volume of these (and other) geophysical datasets.
Antarctic Research Location(s)
No fieldwork (all research conducted remotely)
Research Keywords
polar meteorology, polar climate, climate modeling, numerical weather prediction, satellite remote sensing
NSF Antarctic Program
Antarctic Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences
Other NSF Antarctic Programs
Antarctic Glaciology
SCAR Science Group Affiliation
Physical Sciences Group