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Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

Dale Andersen

Research Scientist
SETI Institute
Carl Sagan Center
Research Interests
Dale Andersen's research interests are with the origin, evolution and distribution of life in the universe and he has been involved with NASA’s Exobiology and Astrobiology programs since the mid 1980’s. He is interested in locating, characterizing and understanding environments where physical and chemical conditions approach or exceed the tolerances for life. This includes biogeochemical processes occurring in polar lakes, oceans, and springs, or in lithic environments such as sandstones or retrogressive thaw slumps harbouring massive ground ice. Of particular interest are the physical controls and ecological impacts that perennial ice-covers and thick continuous permafrost have on the structure and function of microbial ecosystems.
Antarctic Research Location(s)
Dry Valleys
Other Antarctic Research Location(s)
Untersee Oasis, Schirrmacher Oasis, Syowa Coast, Bunger Hills
Research Keywords
lakes, cyanobacteria, astrobiology, antarctica, Mars
NSF Antarctic Program
Antarctic Organisms and Ecosystems
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Antarctic Earth Sciences
Antarctic Glaciology
SCAR Science Group Affiliation
Life Sciences Group