United States
Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

Cole Kelleher

Manager - Research Staff
Polar Geospatial Center - University of Minnesota
Research Interests
My professional interests consist of, but are not limited to: organizational management, geomatics, data visualization, remote sensing, cartography, and design. I am continuously intrigued by the variety of learning opportunities and applications GIS and Remote Sensing offer myself and others, as well as their impacts on a global scale. I am passionate about Arctic and Antarctic data, science, and environmental preservation and justice. I recognize that any environmental justice efforts must begin with a lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion and I strive to work through that lens in all of my work and relationships.
Antarctic Research Location(s)
McMurdo Station
Dry Valleys
No fieldwork (all research conducted remotely)
Other Antarctic Research Location(s)
The entire Antarctic continent
Research Keywords
GIS, Remote Sensing, Imagery, Data, Geography
NSF Antarctic Program
Polar Cyberinfrastructure
Other NSF Antarctic Programs
Instrumentation & Facilities, Antarctic Operations Support
SCAR Science Group Affiliation
Standing Committee - Antarctic Geographic Information
Current SCAR Group Participation
US Representative to SCAGI & SCAR Liaison to the United Nations Group of Experts on Geographic Names (UNGEGN)