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Brooke Moreland

Research Scientist
Leading Social Change
Research Interests
Brooke Moreland is a research scientist with expertise in interrogating inequities in complex systems and leadership capacity building as a transformational vehicle for institutional sustainability. Moreland’s interdisciplinary projects most closely aligns with the SCAR Standing Committee for Humanities and Social Sciences, emphasizing educator access to Antarctic research, continuing the effort to establish reliable and effective methodologies for scientists to engage the community with their research by improving the public’s access and understanding of science and basic research (Seidel et al., 2023, p. 2; National Science Foundation, 2023, para. 3). Her research hopes to broaden engagement with Antarctic research to promote a deeper appreciation and understanding of the region's environmental challenges.
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Community Engagement Fieldwork
Research Keywords
Community Engagement; Coalition Building; Knowledge Sharing
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Standing Committee - Humanities and Social Sciences