SCAR Delegates

WilsonTerry Wilson – US Delegate
Ohio State University

Terry Wilson is a professor of geological sciences at Ohio State University. With her research group, she investigates the structural architecture of the Earth, how continents rift, and the interaction of the solid Earth and ice sheets in Antarctica, using structural field observations, geophysical data and GPS. Dr. Wilson is the U.S. delegate to SCAR, a Vice President of SCAR, is chair of SCAR’s Scientific Research Programm ‘SERCE’ (Solid Earth Responses and influence on Cryospheric Evolution), and has extensive experience working to create and sustain international programs and collaboration. Dr. Wilson earned her Ph.D. in geology from Columbia University in 1983.



Deneb Karentz – Alternate US Delegate
University of San Francisco

Deneb Karentz is a professor at the University of San Francisco with a joint appointment to the Department of Biology and the Department of Environmental Science. She is a marine biologist with expertise in plankton ecology and ultraviolet (UV) photobiology. She has a PhD from the University of Rhode Island. Her current research activities include investigations on biological responses and defense mechanisms of marine organisms to UV exposure, particularly related to ozone depletion in Antarctica; and continuation of work on understanding the molecular basis of DNA damage and repair in the context of human disease. Deneb has been involved in field research in Antarctica since 1986, has been a member of several committees that act in an advisory capacity to the US Antarctic Program, is an instructor for the Antarctic Biology graduate course taught at McMurdo Station, and served two years at the US National Science Foundation as the associate program manager for Biology and Medicine in the Office of Polar Programs.