US SCAR Office

SCAR logoThe US Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) Office is a central location where information regarding SCAR can be found. The latest information, research opportunities and funding announcements of interest to the US Antarctic science commnunity are regularly posted to this site. In addition, the site contains information about SCAR activities and how to participate. Contact information for the US SCAR Team is provided. Please bookmark this web site for easy access.


FAQs – Frequently asked qestions (click for answers!):

The members of the US SCAR Team are your representatives and your participation and input is not only encouraged, it is needed. Continued particpation by the US in SCAR is only justified if it contributes added value to US Antarctic science. Contact information is provided for the US SCAR Team if you would like to receive further information about SCAR programs or activities. Descriptions of SCAR’s scientific programs and subsidiary bodies can be found at SCAR Science and Data.



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